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Japanese Mini Trucks 4x4

Updated: Jan 2

these trucks are very unique for small work or moving here & there for checking or buying house or company stuff. low cost and long run,

Converting to LHD to make it more essay for USA & CANDA even countries with LHD side traffic,

I will bring the Best quality Clean trucks in LHD with very professional way or same way Like RHD, No Cutting & fixing Dash Board and AC/Heater Box,

we are going for Best way to the Vehicles so you can Drive like you do every day without any problem,

Parts. we are always available to serve you faster in case you need any parts.

LHD is the best way to Drive as Insurance will not be high like RHD, so you can save much money too. hope to hear from you all. Thanks

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Japanese LHD Mini Trucks

LHD Converted Minis are Same as RHD because we do Modify in Original way, New Dash Board# Fully Custom Made on Buyers Demand, your choice of Color & Upholstery.


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